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The National Latino Peace Officers Association's official logo is a Seven Point Star with the figure of an Aztec god in the center. At the bottom of the figure are the initials "L.P.O.A." an acronym for Latino Peace Officers Association. The figure is of ancient Mexican Origin. It represents the Indian heritage of all Latinos, UNITING MEMBERS in BROTHERHOOD. The SEVEN POINT STAR surrounding the figure stands for LAW ENFORCEMENT, reminding members that they are twice tied to work together - BY BLOOD and BY PROFESSION.

State and local NLPOA Chapters shall not make any modifications with respect to the use of the NLPOA Logo without the express permission of the national board. Changes to this logo shall only be made through the amendment process described in Article XVI of the NLPOA by-laws.

The NLPOA Logo is Trademarked and cannot be use without the authorization of the National Latino Peace Officers Association.

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