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President's Message

It is an honor to be inducted into the NLPOA, Sacramento County Chapter President position.  I am excited to build our membership and work towards our mission to create a fraternal and professional association that provides support, advocacy, personal, and professional development to its members. Our chapter hopes to make positive contributions to the community and establish ourselves as an association to assist, support, and motivate change, for the betterment of all our citizens.

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Monika Lopez, Sacramento NLPOA President
National Latino Peace Officers Association


As I start this journey in the Chapter President position, I would like to reflect on the reason why I have become active in this organization.  As a young Latina, I have had one of the best role models ever.  My mother was the first female bodyguard in California for Governor George Deukmejian in the California State Police division of Dignitary Protection. Her hard work inspired me to achieve my goals.  One of those goals was to follow in her footsteps in the Sacramento County NLPOA organization.  As a second generation member in this organization, I am passionate to see our membership grow and to find positive ways for our chapter to be impactful in the Sacramento community.


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